Never on a Sunday

I learned long ago that I need one day out of the week that is all mine, during which I don’t have to work, train, or be accountable to anyone else. In a society that is all about hyper-productivity and consumerism, and which sees busy-ness as a virtue and stress as a badge of honour, it’s not always easy to say “no.” But it is infinitely rewarding. Challenges appear much more manageable when you’ve had time to rest; training, work and study look like the privileges they are rather than burdens when you take some time away from them; and a day out of the normal routine provides an opportunity to devise solutions to your problems by considering them in a new light.

Sundays are for waking up without an alarm, making love, spending hours over coffee, reading things you won’t be assessed on, and being a tourist in your own town.

Spending my Sundays well means I can look forward to Monday morning, and give the week’s tasks everything I’ve got.