I Have Goals Too!

Yes, I’ve been quiet lately, but I’m about to make a lot of noise! Less than three weeks to go until my MMA fight on Brace 17 on the Gold Coast! Like and Share my fighter Facebook page and follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the last couple of weeks of fight-camp. Got questions? Shoot!


Six Easy Changes You Can Make Right Now

Here in Adelaide, it’s starting to feel like spring. There are clean new shoots on the trees, the sun is shining, and there are joggers everywhere. As those who have hibernated on the couch all winter start to panic about short-shorts and bikinis, many people are looking to change their lives and create some new healthy habits.The mistake many people make, though, is trying to change it all at once and to become fitness saints, never partaking of a “forbidden” food or missing a scheduled work-out.

The key to lasting change is to make small changes, to take certain actions consistently until they become habits. It takes effort to change your whole life overnight. Habits, on the other hand, are easy to maintain. Do you have to think about brushing your teeth in the morning, or driving to work?

So here are some suggestions I have for some small changes you can make that will make it all seem easier.


Just Shut Up and Train!

What follows is a bit of a rant, and I apologise in advance. Hopefully, it at least makes someone laugh!

There are many things I love about personal training, but there’s also one thing that I hate, and that is all the people who repeatedly talk to me and tell me the same things, all of the things that they planned to do, were told to do, saw on youtube and thought about doing, but have never actually gotten around to really doing… To top it all off, they then ask me the same questions about what they should eat, or “how do I lose weight?” I’m always happy to speak to someone for the first time about these topics, but when the same people ask me the same things over and over again and never take action on my advice or anyone else’s, I realise that they’re just after attention, or sympathy, or a loophole or excuse of some kind.

To all of these people, the most important things you can do for your so-called weight-loss ambitions are to shut your mouth, stop talking crap and putting crap in it, and get up off your chair and do something. Anything! Please! Clean the house for all I care, at least you’re not eating, whining or sitting still!

The Real Women’s Fitness Dilemma

I read an article yesterday which really moved me, about the sole woman to represent Afghanistan in this year’s Olympics. Tahmina Kohistani describes being discouraged  by crowds who would “jeer and hurl insults at her and question why a woman would even think of taking to the track” during her training sessions in her home country.

I can’t imagine the extent of the difficulties this woman must have faced in preparing for the Olympics. Her country is in the process of rebuilding itself after years of war, and the concept of women’s autonomy is still relatively new. She describes running for the first time with shoes the day before representing Afghanistan in Poland.

She says that she is racing for the women of Afghanistan, to show them that despite society’s expectation that their lives revolve around their husbands, children and homes, they have the right to pursue their own ambitions.


“How Heavy Should I Be Lifting?” …and other weights-related questions

I am often asked by women who want to “lose weight and tone up” about weights and reps. There is a common idea out there that women should lift light weights at high repetitions, or they will end up “looking like a man.” The truth is that men and women with similar goals can do identical weights programs, in the same rep ranges, and end up with lean, strong physiques which are appropriately masculine or feminine. Whether you exhibit masculine or feminine characteristics has far more to do with your physical gender and hormone levels than how heavy you lift.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

I had all these really cool ideas when I read that this week’s photo challenge was the colour purple, mostly involving purple-belt jiu jitsu fighters. But, since there has been more tea and sympathy this week than jiu jitsu, I have a picture of a tea-cup. Tea-cups are purple. Twinings Traditional Tea has purple labels. The flowers in Earl Grey tea are purple. And Cadbury chocolate wrappers are purple. I’d love to write all about the anti-oxidant values of tea and chocolate, but the fact is that sometimes you just need good friends with tea and chocolate.