Essence of Chicken – Bone Broth in a Bottle

Brand’s Essence of Chicken has, for much of my life, been one of those mysterious things that I obediently accepted from my mother without really understanding why. I was given to understand that there was some benefit in this super-concentrated chicken stock, although the macro-nutrient label certainly didn’t help me to understand what exactly it was. My Ah Ma had made my mum drink it when she was tired, working hard or getting ready for exams, and my mum has always made sure that I’ve had some when she notices that I’m feeling tired and run-down from training.

Not everyone agreed with me, but I do have a lot of respect for my family’s old-school cures. The more I learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutrition, the more they make sense to me.

Bone broth is being hailed as a new “super-food” for its nutritional benefits, and has even been recommended to help the gut recover from the damage caused by ingesting gluten or dairy (for those who are intolerant.)

The irony is, my mum has been feeding me bone broth all along, in the form of this popular home remedy.

If you don’t have the time to make your own bone broth and if you don’t live near one of those hipster bone-broth cafés, you can get six of these little bottles from most Asian grocery stores for around $35. It tastes like chicken (just, really really concentrated chicken), and you can add it to your cooking to add a nice depth of flavour that you normally only get from slow-cooking.


One thought on “Essence of Chicken – Bone Broth in a Bottle

  1. Couldn’t agree more.

    If brands essence picked up on the bone broth frenzy and marketed it as such, I think the nutritional community would be clearing out the shelves by now.

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