Why Am I Here? Clarifying My Place In The Blogsphere

I’m not going to wax existential, but I’ve been prompted to think about why I’m here and what I hope to accomplish in the blogsphere.

It’s a timely question, given that it’s been some time since I established this blog, and that a few things have changed since then.

I originally started blogging as a way to create more awareness of the work that I do as a personal trainer. In the few years that I’ve been blogging, however, things have evolved. I’ve been exposed to the work of many other bloggers, and the combination of my time working with fitness clients, the study that I’ve done, and the experiences that I’ve had as an athlete and as a woman have clarified my ideas and inspired me to expand my blog-gy mission.

For instance, I’ve become aware of what a huge issue Body Image is, not only for individuals but for society at large. As a personal trainer I simply cannot choose to believe that I exist in a vacuum. Although I consciously perpetuate no particular body image, I am a sort of intermediary – people, particularly women, seek me out as part of their quest to create a certain physique, and I cannot help but notice when the concept of self-worth or beauty upon which their goals are based is hurting them.

Since I started this blog, I’ve been doing a lot of study and work towards expanding my own professional knowledge and my skill set. I’ve built on my skills as a fitness trainer so that I’m able to offer more to clients with chronic health conditions – something that I was inspired to do by the experience of trying to negotiate exercise while navigating some health problems of my own. For similar reasons, I’ve been studying nutritional medicine, and I look forward to being able to share more of the benefits of this knowledge with my clients and readership as time goes by.

I’ve decided to open up and share a more about my goals in Mixed Martial Arts. I had kept what I do as an athlete a little separate from what I do as a personal trainer, but again it has been my experience with some of my clients that has prompted me to share my combat sports experiences in this medium. I used to think that my training and fights would be alienating for potential fitness clients, that it would make it seem hard for me to relate to people. After all, I couldn’t share stories about trying to fit cardio sessions in around children or husbands, or about trying to maintain motivation after Bikini Season. I found though that those clients who did follow my progress as an athlete found some inspiration or value in it for themselves, and some of them have actually been quite important in providing support to me. So I’ve decided to share some of what I do here, too.

An aspect of blogging that I was unaware of when I started this blog, but that I have come to enjoy, is the interaction with other writers. I am not above having the occasional rant about issues that come to my attention. I hope that some of these prompt others to consider their own contribution to society, as the writing of others has prompted me to do. Specifically, I hope that some of what I share can inspire others – particularly women – to reconsider what is possible for them in light of the many fallacious beliefs concerning our “place” that many of us are raised with.

That’s it from me: what about you? Why are you “here”? If you have a blog of your own, what has inspired you to write it, and what has brought you to mine?


4 thoughts on “Why Am I Here? Clarifying My Place In The Blogsphere

  1. I blog to share my written works that are done via role play and through collaboration with other writers around the globe. I live in an outback town about three and a half hours from the coast, so being isolated, I find blogging a good way to have my voice heard. I came across your blog, through reading about other writers thoughts.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I had a look at some of your posts, looks like you have a fantastic imagination! It must be a challenge to collaborate with others when you live in such an isolated location.

      1. It can be. I tend to use skype to keep in contact with other writers and get together that way to do think tanks or plot ideas before posting. Then the feedback is pretty instant as they read my post after I publish.

        Thanks for the response.

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