Consistency is the Key

A lot of people seem daunted by the idea of making a commitment to their fitness goal, whether their goal be to lose body-fat, improve their health or just generally become a healthier person. They seem to think that they will be required to commit hours of their daily time, hundreds of dollars per week, and that a fitness routine will take over their life.

It certainly can be this way, and if you have found a kind of exercise which you genuinely enjoy, you will probably want it to be this way! But it doesn’t have to be like this.

The most important factor in your long-term success is consistency. I’ve seen clients see positive changes with as little as one half-hour PT session per week, and some small changes in their diet. Change can be as gradual or as extreme as you want it to be. What is more important is that the changes you have made are sustainable, and that you are consistent in performing the actions required.

Remember too that personal training is all about YOU. It’s not about impressing your trainer by booking in five hour-long sessions a week, if that doesn’t fit in with your budget or lifestyle. So don’t be afraid of making a small change, as long as your not afraid to commit to it consistently!


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