“Dear Abs, I Miss You and I Want You Back” – A Personal Trainer’s Confession

"No food tastes as good as eating lean fee-" Screw you!!! Nom nom nom...
“No food tastes as good as eating lean fee-” Screw you!!! Nom nom nom…

I usually try to keep the tone of this blog pretty positive and keep my troubles to myself, but I’ve decided to share this one with you because I suspect a lot of people are feeling this way after Christmas and New Years.

Sometimes I find it hard to convince people that personal trainers are people too. We are not a different species who finds it effortless to stay in shape, or who necessarily love eating steamed chicken and vegetables while the rest of you enjoy your coconut-laden curries and jasmine rice.

I’m telling you this so that next time I tell you I know how you feel you may actually believe me.

Last week, I put on 3kg. 3kg in a week! True, I often tell clients that weight is not an accurate measure of your success on its own. Muscle weighs more than fat, and all that. But I can guarantee you I didn’t gain 3kg of muscle last week!  Plus, as a fighter, weight is a measure of success for me, as I need to make weight regularly in order to fight. My next fights is scheduled for March and I have 7kg to lose before then. Awesome.

Yes, I let myself go in my week off after my last fight, and during my ten days in Singapore. But it was once I got home that I stacked the weight on. The truth is, I was unhappy. I had a great time in Singapore. It’s like a second home for me, full of family and friends, and sometimes it seems like a more appealing option than my primary home in Australia. I left all of that behind and came back and was really sad! Determined to maintain the positivity of my holiday, I denied my feelings and ended up eating them instead. I wondered why I had this insatiable urge to eat and eat and eat long after I felt full. The truth was, I was yearning for something that couldn’t be eaten, and trying subconsciously to satisfy that yearning with food. Does this sound familiar, guys?

Me, before my "Woman vs Food" week...
Me, before my “Woman vs Food” week…

So, like a lot of you, I’ve faced up to the issues that caused me to perform some over-eating feats that could have gotten me a guest appearance on Man vs Food, I’m back on my eating plan, and I’m easing my way back into training. Moral of the story? Don’t eat your feelings. Feeling lonely, isolated, unloved, homesick or whatever is really unpleasant. But food will do nothing to alleviate these feelings, and too much food will leave you feeling fat, sluggish, and uncomfortable as well as unhappy.

I hope some of you can relate to this. When I tell you that you have to be disciplined with your diet, that you have to be consistent in your training schedule, that you have to keep going when you’re tired and it hurts and you’ve had a horrible day and you just don’t care any more, remember that I do know how you feel, I just care about you too much to let you quit.


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