Just Shut Up and Train!

What follows is a bit of a rant, and I apologise in advance. Hopefully, it at least makes someone laugh!

There are many things I love about personal training, but there’s also one thing that I hate, and that is all the people who repeatedly talk to me and tell me the same things, all of the things that they planned to do, were told to do, saw on youtube and thought about doing, but have never actually gotten around to really doing… To top it all off, they then ask me the same questions about what they should eat, or “how do I lose weight?” I’m always happy to speak to someone for the first time about these topics, but when the same people ask me the same things over and over again and never take action on my advice or anyone else’s, I realise that they’re just after attention, or sympathy, or a loophole or excuse of some kind.

To all of these people, the most important things you can do for your so-called weight-loss ambitions are to shut your mouth, stop talking crap and putting crap in it, and get up off your chair and do something. Anything! Please! Clean the house for all I care, at least you’re not eating, whining or sitting still!


What do you think?

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