12-Week Make-Over Challenge!

Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that I can’t stop talking about this! It’s a unique and fun opportunity and I can’t wait to start the first groups in April!

A client asked me recently to describe the program, and here is a copy of the same response I sent her:

“The bootcamp/make-over program? I’m really excited about it, it’s a 12 week program for a small group of 8 – 12 women, and includes two strength/sculpting classes per week, one beginner’s Thai boxing class and a women’s only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class. The BJJ class will be delivered by my coach, Michael Toyama, and the other classes will be with me.

I’m always going on about the importance of doing strength and cardio, so I’ve decided to include Thai boxing and BJJ in the program to make sure that cardio actually happens, in a way that’s fun and interesting and will also help women gain some self-defence skills and confidence.

Also included is access to my online nutrition system, which creates calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced meal plans based on your weight loss goals and activity levels.

At the end of the 12 weeks, each client who has stuck with the program will also get a two hour glamour photo shoot, and have the photos available to them in digital format.

I decided to make a group package because I want to create a team environment and give people the chance to create friendships which will be supportive of a healthy life-style. There’s also a greater chance of sticking with the program when there are other people expecting you to show up. Having said that though, I’m limiting the group to 8 -12 so I can still give everyone enough coaching and support during and between sessions if necessary.

Body-sculpting and Thai boxing will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am, and BJJ will be on Thursday night at 6pm. All classes will be at SABJJ Academy at 69/73 Nelson Street, Stepney SA 5069

Programs will be starting in April.

Let me know if you would like any more info, would love to include you and your friends in the first group, it’s going to be lots of fun and I can’t wait to see the photos!

Stay healthy!


If you’d like more information about the 12-Week Make-Over Challenge, contact me for more details, and keep an eye on the Facebook page for up-dates. April is not far away and places are limited, so secure yours now!


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