Tania Wilson’s Update: Getting Started with Online Meal Planning

Tania Wilson shares her first up-date with us on getting started with online meal planning. Thanks Tania for taking time out of a busy schedule to let us all know how you’re going!

“Getting started – Setting up your profile

Setting up your profile is essentially to determine the size & shape you are currently and set the goal for what you wish to be in the very near future. Exciting stuff really!

Setting up my profile was quick, and can be done by yourself in your own home to get an accurate idea of your body shape, fat percentage, and the areas that could do with a little weight shifting (or building)
Step one: Contact Mae-Lin at Leow Factor to receive your personal login & password
Step 2 Enter login & password
Step 3: Select setup your profile. Ummm so simple!!

To make it even easier, get out the following items before you begin:

Tight fitting clothes (or none at all) 
Camera (optional) and/or friend to take photo (to truly see the results down the track)
Flexible Tape – eg dressmakers tape
OR Tradies measuring tape & piece of string or wool (I only had a metal tape measure, so used string to measure around my body then got the exact measurement by holding it against the tape).

Your goal?
a. Maintain weight but gain meal planning inspiration?
b. Lose weight?
or c. Gain weight?

Decide the weight you want to be in 2 weeks time (be realistic –don’t set yourself up for failure) Aim for something achievable and enjoy the sense of satisfaction when you reach your goal.

Think about the amount of time you have each day for cooking

You need to:
Weigh yourself
Measure Chest, waist, butt, left thigh, upper arm, wrist, forearm, hips

The profile page on the planner tells you step by step what to measure & how to do it correctly. I have just mentioned what is involved so you are prepared.
The meal planner allows for your daily hot/cold beverages, and plans your meals around that calorie/fluid intake. That means you aren’t on some ‘nasty diet’ where your comforting daily routine is no longer acceptable. You can still enjoy your morning cuppa with the girlfriends/workmates.

Just doing this simple profile setup gave me a feeling of purpose, to be organised with my shopping, my pantry & my calorie intake!

Cant wait to get into my new daily menu’s and doing what I love best – cooking & eating!!”

If you’d like more information on how the online meal planning system can help you to manage your weight, save time, and have access to hundreds of different recipes, contact Mae-Lin. The online meal planning system is available anywhere in the world with access to the internet, and costs less than dinner for two for a month’s access.


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