Introducing Tania Wilson

Tania Wilson is an inspirational friend and client of mine, who is a single parent, business-woman and cancer-survivor. She has recently started using my online menu-planning system, and has agreed to give us regular updates on her nutrition journey. Having known Tania personally, I can guarantee that she is passionate about food and natural health, so I am honoured to have her endorsing my system. That’s enough from me; here’s an introduction to Tania in her own words:

“Hi my name is Tania Wilson, a mummy to two cute little girls aged 4 & 6.

I spend my days caring for my two little cherubs, building my business Tania Louise, and I LOVE to cook.

Tania Louise was started in February 2010, whilst I was having treatment for Thyroid Cancer. I decided to take a stand to support Australian women in their ventures of handmade, quality products and to raise awareness in the community, that all consumers can make purchasing choices that directly support women in their own community as well as keep their homes & makeup bags chemical free.

Tania Louise is my passion, plus spending quality time with my girls. When I mentioned to Mae that a large amount of my time was spent in the supermarket, and searching for nutritional recipes she mentioned her online meal- planning program.
I’ve experienced personal training with Mae, and have really benefitted from the program she designed for me, so this next suggestion was met without any qualms at all.

Now I’ve received my login ID I am so impressed! I love food, but want to make sure I’m not over-eating, while making sure I keep up my energy levels and above all cooking nutritious food that tastes good!

Already several things I’ve discovered about this nutrition plan that I LOVE:

– Meals planned for you that don’t include items you wish to avoid (for me that is wheat & dairy)
– Meals suggested that fit in your given amount of time (eg. 10 minutes to prepare lunch, it gives you recipes that will take less than 10 mins) genius!!
– I’m a very visual person, so hours can be spent flicking through recipe books for inspiration! This program has the most amazing bright photos, inspiration & encouragement to eat well, right there. It will save me a lot of money on foodie magazines and recipe books.

I can’t wait to get my meals planned, my shopping list printed (yes it does that for you too!!) and off for an organised shopping trip, with no more guessing on quantities and best brands to use (it even suggests which brand to buy)
More time to play at the park with my girls!”


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