You only get out what you put in

No matter what your fitness goals are or what kind of training you’re doing, appropriate nutrition is integral to getting the right results.

People looking to lose weight sometimes over-look this. The dieting industry has bombarded us with misleading messages which tell us that less is better. What we really need to be focussing is more – more vitamins, more nutrients, more protein, more healthy oils.

If you want a sustainable, lean physique which is healthy and filled with energy, exercise and nutrition have to be applied together. Exercise to build lean muscle mass and burn excess fat, and eat to refuel your body for the next training session and increase your metabolism.

As a personal trainer, I can be with my clients to make sure they are exercising correctly, but nutrition is always more complicated to monitor. I can’t be with my clients as they make their hundred daily decisions about food, from where they shop, whether they cook at home, and what rules they break on the weekends.

When considering your nutrition, it’s always important to include a wide variety or fresh foods which meet your body’s requirements for energy and nutrients in a way that is sustainable and achievable. You need to find a solution that fits your budget, your schedule and your social life. Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to commit to a plan that will be very difficult for you to adhere to. If you are extremely time-poor, cooking your own meals each night may not work for you. It may be more realistic for you to have meals delivered, to find restaurants which serve healthy food, or to spend one day a week or month cooking and freezing meals ahead of time. It’s not as good as having fresh food cooked at home each night, but it’s better than running out of time in the middle of the week and finding that nothing is open except fast-food outlets.

Another important factor to consider is your environment. Who, if anyone, do you need to eat with? What foods are easily accessible to you on a daily basis? If you have a family, can you get their support by getting them involved in your healthy eating? Can you fill your kitchen with healthy snacks such as fruits, natural yogurt, nuts and seeds instead of packaged and processed foods and sweets? People often make unhealthy choices because it seems easier. Take as much control of your environment as you can and make it easy to make healthy choices.


One thought on “You only get out what you put in

  1. Excellent Post! Habits are hard to break and what you eat at one stage of your life might not be suitable for another. It makes sense to make a conscious effort to appraise your lifestyle and eating habits – only then can you find the right path to enhance your quality of your health. Thanks for the reminder.I am going to go ‘spring clean’ my larder and give it the Leow Factor treatment!

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