From where you’d rather be…

I loved that ad! You know the one. It’s for a Mexican beer and features three friends sitting on the beach at sunset in bikinis and board shorts sipping their beers to the sounds of the ocean and guitars.

For a long time, that was where I would rather have been. It seems ironic to me now that that was such a strong, unfulfilled desire when I live in Adelaide, where we enjoy some of the cleanest, most beautiful and accessible western-facing beaches in the world.

It wasn’t just the beach though, but the sense of relaxation and freedom I saw in the ad. These people had no dead-lines, no pressure, no dress-codes, nowhere in particular they had to be.

Once I’d really identified why I sighed deeply and wanted to run away every time I saw the ad, I set about going to “where I’d rather be.” It wasn’t a place so much as a state of mind. Yes, I took some time out of work and training over summer and physically went to the beach with friends and beverages, but more importantly I gave myself permission to enjoy it, to stop thinking about productivity, achievement, success or responsibility. I got to where I’d rather be, I enjoyed it and now I see those ads and declare, “I’ve been there.”

I emerged from this summer rejuvenated, not only physically but mentally. I’ve experienced a level of ambition, motivation and clarity in my goal-setting which had been AWOL for a few years.

Where I’d rather be now is reaching more people through my personal training business, competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, fighting in Muay Thai again both here and in Thailand, and making my debut in Mixed Martial Arts. These are the things that have formed the basis of 2012’s Resolutions, which in turn determine the actions I take each day to make these a reality.

So where would you rather be? Have you set goals or resolutions based on these desires? Do you know what you need to do on a daily basis to make these goals a reality? Do you have the right people around you, people who have achieved what you dream of and can guide you in your journey, as well as people who have similar goals and are on the same journey as you?

Let’s make this the year when “where we’d rather be” becomes where we are right now.


One thought on “From where you’d rather be…

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